Dress Attire and Grooming

The Dress and Grooming code of Community Christian Academy expresses academic seriousness and a positive attitude that influences a readiness for learning. Clothing that is excessively, faded, torn, or simply worn out does not agree with this policy and should not be worn to school, even if it is in accordance with CCA dress code guidelines. 

Through dressing and grooming it is our goal to teach and model appropriate practices and principals regarding dress and behavior. The purpose of our dress code goes beyond addressing fashions and fads, but rather it is our goal to establish discipline and excellence in appearance and habits.   These guidelines offer methods for dressing appropriately and modestly under all circumstances. The following factors are taken into consideration in developing our Dress and Grooming code.

 ·     The bible – dress is to be modest, and holy

·       Appropriateness for the day - not too formal considering the nature of young children

·      Effects of orderliness in appearance and on self image, respect and a positive learning environment

·      The desire to keep cost reasonable